Daspell Greenline

HT DasPell GreenLine 12-60kw


HETAS MCS Approved for 12-37kw Model Range

Ofgem Certificates for over 45kw Systems

Heiztechnik Daspell Green-Line Biomass Pellet Boiler

Class 5 Pellet EN 303-5:2012

The HT DasPell GreenLine boiler’s design is based on a highly – efficient heat exchanger.

The combustion chamber is optimized to increase the temperature in the furnace.

The effect of this design is very high thermal efficiency and low emissions in the exhaust.

The Fuzzy Logic system automatically adjusts burner combustion parameters to match heating demand.
Wood pellet boiler with automatic feed.

The attached pellet store can be filled by hand or be fed automatically from a larger silo.
The market-leading pellet burner has a screw feed, an optional incorporated ash sweeper, automated ignition, automated air supply fan and an optic sensor for flame control.




Minimum moving parts
Easy maintenance and part replacement.

Additional options for various system configurations.
Designed to provide years of trouble-free service.


GreenLine series boilers meet the requirements of environmental protection and energy efficiency for Class 5 (Highest Class)

Inspected to PN-EN 303-5: 2012 Standard

Price on application. Ring us now for a truly competitive price. For All orders ☎ 01269 502036
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