Maxpell Greenline

Maxpell Greenline

HT Maxpell GreenLine 80 – 450kW


Steel three-pass boilers with a chute burner for burning pellet

The MAXPell GL boiler design is based on the high performance Heiztechnik heat exchanger.

The boiler is fitted with a modern chute burner.
The boiler’s burner has an internal screw-conveyor feeder ending with a finger for sweeping the slag formed as a result of fuel combustion.

The burner has an igniter and a photo-element for flame control.
Automatic control of the boiler can operate in the Fuzzy Logic mode which the boiler automatically adapts to the heat demand value.

Boilers with a power rating of over 300 kW are fitted with two burners.

Boilers with a power rating from 120 to 300kW are fitted with a lambda probe.

The boiler’s automatic control, apart from burner support, also offers possible support for an advanced heating installation in the weather system using a mixing valve, and controls the DHW system, by connection of additional modules (B, C) we can control additional elements of the heating installation.
The automatic control can be equipped an Internet module*.
Depending on requirements, the boiler can be fitted with various sized pellet store and linked to larger silos or bunkers.
GreenLine series boilers meet the stringent requirements of environmental protection and energy efficiency for Class 5 (highest class)

Inspected to PN-EN 303-5: 2012 Standard.

Limited Moving Parts

Easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance



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