Inta 1 1/4″ Zero Anti-Freeze Valve Male



Max Inlet Pressure (static): 10 Bar
Medium: water
Sensitivity: ± 1°C
Opening Temperature: 3°C
Closing Temperature: 4°C
Working Temperature Range: 0 to 80°C-30 to 60°C
Ambient Temperature Range: 1.5 L/H
Max Discharge Flow Rate @ 3
Bar: Kv:
ZERO001 (55m³/h)
ZERO114 (70m³/h)
ZERO28 (64m³/h)
ZERO1SW (33m³/h)
ZERO14SW (52m³/h


The patented Inta Zero Anti-Freeze Valves have been specifically designed to quickly and accurately react to the water temperature in
the heat pump circuit and do not need the influence of the ambient temperature to operate.
Building regulations Part L states that all external fittings on an Air Source Heat Pump System must be fully insulated to reduce heat loss
and maintain system efficiency. Inta Zero Anti-Freeze Valves will still maintain correct operation and discharge the water at the same
temperature even when a system is correctly insulated. The Inta Zero Anti-Freeze valves have been Independently tested using a controlled Ambient Temperature between -1°C to 1°C and starting water temperature 10°C to demonstrate the possibility of
insulating the Inta Zero Valve without affecting the performance:

Without Insulation
Water Discharge Temperature = 2.49°C
Time taken to begin discharge = 1 hour 4mins

With Insulation
Water Discharge Temperature = 2.03°C
Time taken to begin discharge = 4hour 3mins

If the Inta Zero valves are insulated, then due care must be taken to
ensure that all external pipework and fittings are fully and
appropriately insulatedand sealed. Failure to do so could prevent the
proper operation of the Zero valve resulting in colder areas of a
system being damaged by freezing. The Anti-vacuum valve must be
kept clear at all times, Intatec recommend using the ZEROGUARD
anti-vacuum cover (inspected on annual service)

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