How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Are you after underfloor heating supplies? At Natural Green Heat, we have everything you need to complete the job. Read on for our short guide to this system.

How Does It Work?

With underfloor heating supplies, the system works by distributing a low temperature into a room from underneath or within the flooring. There are two types, either electric or hot-water systems. Depending on which you opt for will determine the various benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Underfloor Heating?

There are many benefits to this way of warming up your home, such as efficiency, easy installation, and more space without radiators. With only the best underfloor heating supplies, this system is becoming more and more popular. Because of the way that these systems increase the temperature of your home, these are very efficient in the way they distribute energy.

Underfloor Heating

Energy Efficiency

Radiators, which are used in many houses, distribute heat in a room from one or two points. This can take some time and it might leave some colder sections. When opting for the underfoot option, a lower temperature is needed to heat up the whole room from beneath. By using underfloor heating supplies, this is a much more efficient way of warming up a room because of the lower temperatures required.

More Space

Another advantage is that there is no need for radiators to be attached to the walls in your home. Sometimes these can be quite big and affect the way you can design a room. Without them, there’s more choice on where furniture can go and underfloor heating supplies are hidden away.

Comfortable Home

Perhaps the best feature of this system is that it feels great to walk on. In the colder months, putting your feet onto the warm floor is a wonderful feeling. Many people opt for this system for the comfort of walking on heated floors.

How Much Could I Save With Underfloor Heating Supplies?

With increasing energy prices, the efficiency of a new system could help save money on the bills. How much you save will depend on how well insulated your home is, how good it retains heat and how often it is used.

Underfloor Wet Heating System

Can I Put Carpet Over Underfloor Heating?

Putting carpet flooring on over a heating system is completely safe as long as the right underfloor heating supplies are used and installed by professionals. Tile and stone are perfect as coverings as they have high thermal conductivity.

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